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"Soul gratitude for this blessed path as an artist, I honor the creation of each work with work and passion."

"My creative process is intimate, meditative, luminous, and joyful. It's a festive dance of eternal life, nature, and being in connection between heaven and earth. I feel that this is what gives solidity to my work. Music, along with words, is a great companion in those moments."

"The creative power to transform abstract ideas into tangible manifestations and with emotional impact"

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The artist proposes, through the alchemy of her colors, to create a positive energy that the viewer will experience when spiritually connecting with her artwork. In creating an illusion of transforming the invisible into the visible, the artist follows each message in a universal language to fashion a new consciousness. In her work, she invites a serene and deep interpersonal journey where the flow of intimacy nurtures one's sense of travel and optimistic social interconnection.

"Immerse yourself in the experience of
the color alchemy"