Gabriela Tolomei Argentinian artist featured in New York & Europe

Colors, passion, sense, your alchemy in a Tolomei

Let your soul vibrate

Presences IV

Presencias IV

Presences III

Presencias III

Presences II

Presencias II

Presences I

Presencias I

Celestial Loves

Celestial Loves

The Gardens of Eden

The Gardens of Eden

Unveiled Spaces I

Unveiled Spaces I

Unveiled Spaces II

Unveiled Spaces II

Unveiled Spaces III

Unveiled Spaces III

Sacred Trilogy

Trilogía Sagrada

Whispers from Heaven

Susurros del Cielo

Time and Space

Tiempo y Espacio

The Wizard II

El Mago II

Unveiled Spaces

Espacios Develados


Featured in New York

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Gabriela Tolomei - Arlene Angard
Tolomei art - Art Contract

When art and design meet, you'll see harmony. When colors and design meet, you'll see constant energy.

A Joint Venture motivated by the relationship between artist, art gallery and a developer team for exquisite benchmarking for contractors and temporarily stay business.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1962, she expresses that since childhood, art and nature have protected her soul; they were essential in her daily life.


Supporting hospitals and organizations by donating artwork

Sana Sana - Gabriela Tolomei

Sana Sana

Donated to Hospital de Niños – La Plata

Ánima Bendita

Donated to Cemic Hospital

Late Corazón

Donated to Argerich Hospital

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