Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1962.

She went through a fertile spiritual path, which gave her a philosophical conception of her work.

Gabriela expresses that since she was a child, art has protected her soul (dance, theater, writing) together with nature; they were essential in her daily life. Her years as an entrepreneur gave her the experience and knowledge to express and communicate her work. The doors of her creativity were opened through painting, as the sum of all she lived.

This is how painting became the reason for her work and at the center of her life: “The most intimate part of her being”. In the sense and purpose of deeper life.

Gabriela Tolomei
Años Luz

The study of Kabbalah helped her to awaken her path. In the words of Gabriela:

“In my story, the great key was the study and practice of Kabbalah. This was the beginning of a magical path, with a solid and constant process of formation, which revealed to me the vital need to commit myself to painting. I am certain that this gift was something that was granted to me. Thus I began to travel the most real and synchronic stage of my life. Everything recovered a deep and expansive sense, and everything that I began to live, I received as a beautiful and immense gift of life “.

The book “The path of the artist” was a great motivation for her and helped to reveal the imperative need to develop her commitment to painting, the “why” and the “what for” that she had to transmit and reflect through her art.

She got into meditation twenty years ago and began to actively participate assisting foundations, with a great effort to help. All her previous experience helped her arriving at this moment, as an organic construction.


TOLOMEI recounts painting the pure existence of the language of the soul, which unites us all

Arlene Angard

A fabulous woman and artist who paints with passion and joy. The stroke in her brush shows that and much more. The unique color combinations that she uses in her canvas provides a "wow factor" in any space. We are delighted to be her exclusive art dealer.

Arlene Angard
Arlene Angard Interior Designs & Fine Arts
Barry Martin

Gabriela Tolomei's paintings exquisitely reflect her lively and vibrant personality, influenced by her life in Latin America. She paints with the emotion of living and with the passion of music, with the Latin rhythms and tango, which so arouse us in Europe. Gabriela uses sensibly and sensually the chords of the colors that flow and overlap, usually vertically, softly and polychromatically. The harmony she achieves in her works projects tranquility, well-being and a feeling of being wrapped in light. But all this would never happen if not for the unique identity of Gabriela, which adds her distinctive touch. Her sense of touch, scale and composition reveal in her paintings something exciting, unique and truly expressive, born of a very wonderful person.

Barry Martin
Artist & curator, London

We've seen Gabriela's wonderful wok in galleries, fairs, exhibitions and in all the places where every prestigious artist is obliged to be at; but they only acquire their real dimension and potential in those places that we love or, to define it better, in the places that love us. It's in this sense that Gabriela's paintings invert its relationship with spectators: they love us!

Andrea Finkelstein & Miguel Cortés
Escarlata Espacio de Arte, Buenos Aires
Marcelo Legrand

While approaching the eye to the intense paintings of Gabriela Tolomei, a hidden poetry is discovered that springs from her luminous strokes, short and determined; darned by fine and enveloping ties. That whole has a strange mystical charge.

Marcelo Legrand
Plastic Artist | Montevideo, Uruguay
Rebeca Mendoza

Gabriela's painting has its roots in the expressionist school of Kandinsky. More than expressionist, abstract, Gabriela has in her interior the living potential of lyrical abstraction. Her interest lies, mainly, in the communion of forms, lines and color. Her paintings are conceived from an infinite superposition of layers of colors, which give the surface a very characteristic contrast quality. Her works are structured from the chromatic vibration, and allow the viewer to interact with them from a very free and personal interpretation.

Rebeca Mendoza
Plastic Artist | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gabriela Tolomei is an exotic jewel in the art world: her vision of life, work and spirituality are incredible. Her work distills something so energizing, that it does not matter who you are, where you come from, or if you know or do not know about art: it simply moves you. It takes you to some place where you've never been before, or to that place where you've always wanted to be but you have not found how to get there. As her gallery owner, manager, friend, mentor, teacher and apprentice, I can only predict that good things will happen in her life, her career as an artist and her environment. If you know her, consider yourself very lucky!

Samir Ceric
Founder & CEO | Debut Contemporary | Londres, UK
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